I could not have asked for a better agent than Carlo. He was easy to work with, he was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and the business that I bought, and he put me in touch with the right people to help facilitate a complex transaction smoothly. And now that the transaction has closed, he is still helping me by giving valuable advice. Carlo has truly been a full-service agent and I highly recommend him.

Alan Cook

Thanks to Carlo we sold our restaurant within 4 days. When we decided to put the restaurant on the market we had plenty of realtors eager to have us sign with them.. We choose Carlo for several reasons. We knew that he had an extensive culinary knowledge of the area. His professional approach yet easy personality made us feel very comfortable. There was no pressure and we felt that we could trust him to do the very best us for. He was very detailed with the transfer of ownership and made for a very easy sale. Thank you Carlo. We have no hesitation in recommending his company’s service to anybody looking to sell or buy in the Sarasota area . Paula & Alfred Mayer Phone: 941-914-5562 Email: Pmayer722@aol.com

Alfred & Poula Mayer-Morel

Carlo helped us purchase an existing establishment in the Sarasota area. We have experience owning and operating restaurants but because we were investing in a business for United States residency, we most appreciated Carlo’s consulting. This journey, we learned, can be long and tedious. From establishing a company, opening bank accounts and filing for our E2 Visa, Carlo continued to help see us through the process from start to finish.

Constantino Fois

I have been a restaurant owner and operator in Sarasota Florida for the past 30 years. I met Carlo Piras through a neighboring business owner in May of 2016. At that time I was not committed to selling my business but I was considering it. Carlo was private, informative but not intrusive. I appreciated his quiet demeanor and that he wasn’t overbearing about getting a new listing. In the spring of 2017, I met with Carlo again to begin the process of selling my business. Because of his extensive restaurant background, Carlo had an innate ability to find a suitable match for both buyer and seller. The experience was similar to “Match.Com” for restauranteurs. In less than 3 months Carlo found a qualified and experienced buyer for my business. In 6 months time we closed on the sale. I highly recommend Carlo for any restaurant owner looking to sell his or her business. Denise May Chutney’s Sarasota, Florida

Denise May..Chutney’s, Sarasota.

For over 2 decades, Carlo and I have been friends, colleagues and business partners. We worked as a successful team operating Café Americano for many years. Carlo’s business moves have always been well calculated. Carlo is a fair and sincere business man and has an eye to foresee the potential and evolution of the industry’s market.

Dino Carta owner of “Sardinia Restaurant” Sarasota
Phone: 941 928 6266
Email: dinocarta@hotmail.com

Dino Carta

I was looking to purchase a restaurant with very specific criteria in mind. Carlo would contact me with the opportunities available and communicate the Pros and Cons of each business I would consider keeping my best interest in mind. He is a very honest Realtor who truly had my best interest in mind and was very patient with my purchasing experience. I am now the proud owner of a very successful restaurant that I am happy to pour my heart and soul into because it’s the perfect fit for me. Thank you Carlo for all of your hard work and efforts to ensure I made a purchase that was beneficial for me.

Ersen Ýrsel Owner of Caffe Le Sirene

Carlo worked as a manager for my restaurant from 2000 -2006, during this time he was an integral part of Epicure’s business development. With combined efforts, we opened Jolly’s Espresso bar in 2004. Overseeing 35 employees, Carlo always operated efficiently and profitably while maintaining the high standards of food, service, and overall a high quality reputation of the restaurant. It was a natural progression for Carlo to own and operate (for 6 years) his own restaurant,which became one of the most successful operations Downtown. Now as a business broker, Carlo continues to run business in the same manner; with diligence, integrity and always high quality~

Giovanni Migliorini

I could not have asked for a better agent than Carlo. He was easy to work with, he was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and the business that I bought, and he put me in touch with the right people to help facilitate a complex transaction smoothly. And now that the transaction has closed, he is still helping me by giving valuable advice. Carlo has truly been a full-service agent and I highly recommend him. Greg Bukowski The Fountain Restaurant, Sarasota FL

Greg Bukowski

I had a very specialized restaurant that required a very specific buyer to make this purchase. Carlo spent quite a bit of time marketing my business and sent me copies of the marketing he did. His efforts are vast and his communication was frequent so I felt I was always aware of what was happening with the advertising and the purchase process. Because of his marketing efforts, I was able to sell my business in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Carlo and Sarasota Signature Real Estate for your commercial Real Estate needs for a high quality experience.

Nancy Amato

Confidentiality is critical to the restaurant selling process. Customers, employees, competitors and even buyers all have different reactions and opinions to finding out that your Establishment is up for sale. I was skeptical of just handing over my business to a broker, releasing detailed company information without knowing if they can perform. Carlo knows the restaurant business from his own experience and could relate to my concerns. Two weeks into the process, he brought to the table, 2 Italian investors. Done Deal!

Paul Amato

It is an overall better experience when you are “doing business” with someone who understands the industry. I had specific expectations in mind when I was looking for a restaurant to purchase. Carlo led us in the right direction and the process ran so smoothly. We continue to be very successful and business is good!

Roberto B. Hillview Grill

Mi chiamo Sandro Tommasi, circa 7 mesi fa stavo cercando una attività commerciale da acquistare a Sarasota, erano parecchi mesi che giravo, ma in effetti quello che mi si presentava erano ristoranti fuori prezzo e, altri con il prezzo adeguato ma non alla mia portata. Purtroppo dovevo cambiare genere e questo mi toglieva l’entusiasmo, dovevo accettare di prenderne uno più piccolo anche se lo desideravo grande. Le agenzie che avevo contattato non mi avevano soddisfatto presentandomi degli immobili inadeguati, continuavano a dirmi che dovevo rivedere il genere di attività che mi ero prefissato. Ero scoraggiato, ma per fortuna un giorno guardando degli annunci ho contattato il Sig. Carlo Piras della agenzia immobiliare Sarasota Signature Real Estate, detto fatto, gli ho spiegato le mie esigenze e il desiderio di non cambiare genere di attività. Carlo in breve tempo mi ha presentato delle proposte, ha capito esattamente cosa volevo, e credo che questa sia una caratteristica che un agente immobiliare deve avere, comprendere in pieno le esigenze del cliente. Non ha senso far perdere tempo presentando immobili che non sono quelli richiesti. Ho finalmenete trovato quello che cercavo , l’esperienza è stata positiva anche nella trattativa e nei tempi stabiliti, la competenza e la professionalità di Carlo si è dimostrata in tutto il percorso della compravendita. Non esito a fare il nome di Carlo Piras quando mi viene chiesto da amici un agente immobiliare di grande competenza, tra l’altro si è rivelata anche una persona di gran cuore offrendosi di aiutarci in qualsiasi problema incontrassimo e sicuramente dovesse nuovamente servirmi assistenza in una compravendita immobiliare , chiamerei Carlo Piras!!!

Sandro Tommasi

Amazing Broker, went thru Ten Brokers in 2011, when I bought my House. All I wanted was someone to answer their phone or return email within a timely manner, ended up buying a Million Dollar Home directly from a Builder. I don’t think Carlo Sleeps. Even when he is overseas trying to market your business he still answers his phone or replies to emails within minutes. Amazing, a very good broker particularly in a Complex and Difficult Business Transaction, that we experienced in the Sale of our Half Million Dollar Business, which excluded the real estate. Highly Recommend. Steve

Steve Bell